Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dogs in the Veggie Patch!

This morning I find that the dogs (we are minding a friends dog at the moment so there are two) have been up in the veggie patch and have snapped off two tomato plants and trampled the lettaces and basil. I did not head off to work in the best frame of mind after this discovery!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Garden Delights

It's often the small details in gardens that are delightful, especially if you don't want to look at the big details because there are lots of weeds, bare fences and other sources of discontent! I wish the beautiful picture above was from my garden but it is from the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.
I'm very happy with my plant stand at the moment. The brass pot at the top was my Mother's and as I polished it up yesterday it brought back many memories of conversations around the table at Wentworth street.

Baby Gladdies (Blushing Bride) flowering in the Spring, next to a seed grown two or three year old Persimmon. This was grown from a seed from a Persimmion from our old house in Hilton.

The red wall.

The Goddess of the courtyard

After Christmas

I live in a very beautiful place, South Australia. Here are the rocks at Port Willunga, my favorite beach.

There are many beautiful beaches close to Adelaide. Here is Horseshoe bay below.And within a short walk of my home, the beach and jetty at Grange.

Little pots we picked up at the Port Adelaide Art Market before Christmas, we really enjoyed it.

My favorite Christmas presents, flowers from M's garden and the priceless tea cosy from L

My hard rubbish find, the plant stand with a new coat of paint.

The new tanks. Soon to be covered by a wooden slats trellis and I hope to grow a Altissimo (? I think) single red climbing rose on this

The table set for Christmas day lunch.

What a long time since my one and only post in 2007! It reflects how busy I have been in the last few years, I am hoping that the next year will be slower and bring a little more time for enjoyment of the simple things in life like gardening and music.

We are very much in a post Christmas slow down at the moment. We had 35 people for Christmas lunch and it was a beautiful day, mild for Adelaide, about 25 degrees, perfect for lunch under the veranda.

It's hot today, the veggies are back under shade cloth and I don't feel inclined to go out and do any gardening. I will be on holidays in 5 days so plenty of time then for mulching and planting.