Friday, May 28, 2010

More Garden News

Yes! I have a flowering Camellia.

I have an Avocado grown from seed in a pot, I am trying to decide if I am going to plant it in the ground.

Peppermint Geranium

Lemon verbena

We have just planted a lime tree. Really hoping that it will do well.
I am picking spinach, silver beet, rainbow chard, pakchoy, french beans, coriander, garlic chives, mint, lettuce, chillies, capsicum,, lemons, thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, sage, and the very last of the basil.
This week I have planted lemon grass, ranuculi bulbs, tulip bulbs and blue iris bulbs.


Time goes by so quickly, I have had a busy month and have not done as much in the garden as I would like. I have just managed to plant some spring bulbs.

Above I have some pink Geraniums in pots near the front door. There is also Wallaby grass coming up between the pavers.

I did spend a weekend in the Southern Vales. This is the outlook from Coriole, I always love to see the garden there.

Yes, I have been busy and rather spoiled. I also spend a weekend in the Barossa Valley, these beautiful cup cakes are from the farmers market.

Back in the somewhat neglected garden the chinese cabbage is growing really well. In front of this there is garlic coming up.

Now I have to get busy and plant these lettuce and snow pea seedlings I bought at the Grange Organic market last weekend. This is a great little market and only a short walk from my house.

Late Autumn beauty in the garden

We are very lucky with the borrowed landscape from our small backyard. These gums across the laneway are full of rainbow lorokeets and catch the light in the late afternoon.

Bounty of the garden. Double Delight roses and quinces. The quinces are from a neighbours tree, ours suffered this year from lack of water and we not get any fruit.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April in the Garden

Alysium and a Sedum at the front of the garden bed looking good together.
Geranium in a hanging basket on the front veranda. I'm not sure what this one is called. I think I might have bought it at a small nursery in Clare.

The plum trees have put on an amazing amount of height this summer, this one is a Greengage, the other (not seen) a Golden Drop. You can see some of our borrowed landscape with gum trees and Norfork Island pines in the backdrop.

The Rose hips in the courtyard. I'm sure I could do something with these. Rosehip jelly?

Seedings. Pak Choy grows very well in the Garden.

Trying French beans for the first time.

There are several Salvias flowering at the moment. They are very drought tolerant and really add to the beauty of the garden.
Autumn is a lovely time in the garden but there are so many jobs to do and so little time to do it!
Today weeding and cutting back and clearing, taking out the last Zucchini and Rocket that had gone to seed and preparing some ground for planting. I am going to try some Garlic, from a bulb I bought at the Grange organic market a few weeks ago.

The Animals

The chooks feature strongly in the life of the garden. Their cheerful noises provide the background and I like to see them parading up and down the chookrun in the mornings and evenings waiting for their grain. They get a lot of greens from the garden as well. We have three girls at the moment, we are getting about 10 eggs a week. Sunny is a six year old Labradoddle. She has a very happy nature and although prone to occasional outbursts of digging she understands that the garden beds are a no go zone. She is well known in the neigbourhood and on the beach where many people will stop to speak to her! She has to have a walk every day and the beach is her absolute favourite place.
Marco the inscrutable. The front yard is his domain as he likes to keep out of Sunnys way. He is eleven and has a dodgy hip from a nasty accident when he was a very young kitten. Dispite this injury he used to be a very good ratter but in recent years he has not done so well with this. He likes to come inside and annoy people until he gets some food and then curl up preferably on a white chair or quilt cover so we know he has been there! He likes to appear tough and aloof but in fact he likes a good cuddle.

Sunny in the garden. This section of our very urban yard is looking a little rural in this photo (or maybe this is just wishful thinking).

The chook run; we have planted two new passionfruit vines to provide fruit and cover the backfence. Grapevine on the chookyard fence.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rain and Festivals

It's Festival time in Adelaide and the lights are on again on North Terrace. The city is swarming with people at all hours of the day and night. Being usually disorganised this year we have tickets for nothing and have not even been to WOMAD (gasp).
All the tickets have gone for EVERYTHING at the Speigaltent and the line to get into the Garden of Unearthy delights is extremely long.
Still the buskers are great and there are many free events such as the light show and Writers week. The rest of my family are in the city sampling the delights of Amococo at the moment.
Fisherman and I had the unexpected delight of a double sleepover for the children last night allowing us to GO TO THE MOVIES, mooch about without any sounds of complaint and roam the city streets until the wee hours. I can highly recommend it.

The Northern Lights.
The lights change every few minutes making fairytale objects of the buildings.

So go on into the city and soak up the atmosphere.
But back to the happenings in the garden. The last few months have been extremely hot and dry but what excitment yesterday, it rained!!
The verandas flooded and we had a minor leak inside but we were jumping up and down with excitment to see all the water cascading into the rainwater tanks.

The chilli bush in its second year is covered with fruit. It seems to thrive in the harsh conditions.

This part of the garden is looking good with sedum Autumn Joy, some bright dwarf zinnias and a euphorbia.

A close up of the sedum Autumn Joy. It is also doing very well in the dry heat. I saw lots of these at the Gardening Australia expo which I managed to go to this weekend. I was feeling pretty smug that it is already in my garden (I do smug rather well and often without justification). Of course while I was there I did purchase some plants. This included a few more interesting succulents that hopefully will feature in a future posting, and also a Pomegranet, I am trying to work out where to put it.

The Garlic Chives are flowering. There are dahlias in here as well.

I had to put this in, I so love my walks on the beach, you never know what each day will bring.

Here are a couple of pots around the front veranda.

The lemon tree in what I like to think of as my mediterranean garden has been looking sick and really needs the rain, it is stressed and badly effected by scale but has a very good crop of lemons. There is also an Orange in a pot, rosemary, a myrtle, geraniums and a rose.

Dispite the lack of rain the front yard is looking quite good and we have only lost one plant from the past spring planting. The native plant sale is coming up in the first week of May so we can replace the eromophillia nivea that did not make it. The Causrinas, Banksia, Lamandras and various saltbushes are going well

Hopefully the extreme hot weather is over for this season. Dispite resolutions of being good and saving money I have ordered spring bulbs so I am looking forward to planting those.
I have big plans for winter planting of yet more fruit trees in the backyard!!
Yesterday I planted french beans and rainbow chard and I have seedlings of lettuce, coriander, pak choy and rocket coming up. Up until now with the very hot weather most seedlings have not survived so I hope this lot will live.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Summer Holidays

Beautiful Yorke Peninsula

Working on a new water feature in the courtyard.

I am away on Yorke Peninsula at the moment so not sure how the garden is faring.
Still working on variations of new plans for the back yard.
The beautiful flora here at the bottom end of Yorkes is inspiring for native plantings with many variations of form and foliage colour and many birds enjoying the flowers.